The Kimmswick Day Lily Sale was Saturday, and it was a great success! Weather was beautiful and cool. A lot of people attending and buying lilies.

All proceeds to the Kimmswick visitor center.

God Bless Carroll Wrather, age 81, for having a wonderful green thumb, and a great heart for helping the town in which he lives.

I took lots of photos. My niece Sandy went along and got some very nice photos also! She has "the eye" for a good photo.

Have a great day and remember...
      " Let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in God; believe also in Me."
                                         John 14:1

stormy day
It was raining when I awoke.  Then quit. Then stormed. Then rained. Then quit.  This went on all day, until sunshine at 3:00 ..... crazy weather day.  At least the storms didn't bring tornadoes.

This is a sunset from my trip to Sanibel Island, Florida.  Just thought I'd share it!''
No news today.       Tom is a little stronger each day after back surgery 3 weeks ago.  He is anxious to be able to drive again.
Have a Wonderful day, and thank God for your blessings.  ~~ Sherree ~~
Spring is here.... 

well, at least the rain that Spring brings is here.  The grass (and weeds) are getting green and soon will need to be trimmed.

Tom has had back surgery and is still recuperating. It could be a fairly lengthy process, as there is a Lot of inflammation around the nerves near the spinal chord.  When he fell at work, he really did a number on his back.  Cabin fever has set in.

I am catching up on removing excess emails from my accounts.... and doing some sketching in between keeping track of Tom's meds.

I take a few photos here and there for the Leader newspaper, and do some "fly by" photos on the run for my creative side....

As you can see, not everywhere is green yet... this is my 5 acres on Danby Road just south of Festus.  I have an ad to sell it, but no takers so far.  It is a rolling hillside that would be easy on which to build one or two homes.  If it does not sell, I may just do the build and sell the homes!

Have a wonderful weekend, and count yo…

wow.... time goes SO Fast!

I simply cannot believe I haven't written in my blog in HOW LONG????  so much has happened I will not even try to catch up... I'm just going to start with today. Sometime in the future I'll plug in things that happened while I was away!
     the Best thing right now?   I have two great-nieces that are expecting little bundles of Joy!  Celeste  and Jeremy are expecting a girl in January...   Jessica and Frank just announced they are expecting a boy in May!  Our small family is growing again! Yay!
     There is nothing quite like a newborn human baby.  So innocent, yet so smart - each in their own way.  I can hardly wait to get to know these new little peeps in our life!

Here is the sunrise from yesterday.... symbolizing a "new" day, and a new start.....

~~~ love, Sherree ~~~

well, Heavenly Oaks has been keeping us sooooo busy, that I'm shocked I haven't written in my blog since February!  Gee, so much has happened, I'm not even gonna try to tell all. Mostly good stuff, some family illnesses - all are well, or on their way to better now. Or at least they're learning to live with their situation.
Miss Sparkplug is doing good. She went with Tom and I to Hot Springs, Arkansas to  visit Gerri and Reece, my sister and her hubby. Was a great relaxing time, and a few boat rides, fishing ( didn't catch any) and a swim off the pontoon boat.
Now to try and catch up with mail, bills, etc. from being gone almost a week. Such is the life of busy folks.
Have a wonderful day. Enjoy each moment, and be thankful.
Verse of the Day:  God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1

Bald eagle resting over the Joachim Creek, Herculaneum, Missouri.
I was headed over the bridge to tackle some of my many tasks at hand. A spot of white in the gray day caught my eye. Halfway over the bridge, and I realized what that white spot may have been. So I backed my car across the roadway and parked on the edge. Yep, there is was. Majestic even in the morning fog and mist. A single bald eagle just waiting for me to take a portrait.   Oh no! All I had was a small Nikon, and my iPhone.  I took a few shots, but with the mist and the distance, I couldn't get a good photo. So I asked this creature to 'please stay put.... I'll go get my big camera and be  right back'.   Much to my surprise 20 minutes later when I returned, there it was in the same spot.
I took many, many photos (probably too many) in the misty cool morning.  This beauty sat there as I ran home a few miles away, got my large camera (Nikon D5100) and a telephoto lens.  I was gone more than 20 minutes, …
It's been a very busy January. Just when I think I may have a "minute" to breathe... along comes something else.
But I am so blessed and just trying to keep up with life.

Take a few seconds to close your eyes, breathe deep, and say "thank you" to our Lord.

Have a Blessed day.

Proverbs 3:5    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.